Top Ten Myths Related to Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the main hair problems faced by both men and women. The first sign of balding or excessive hair loss can be a nightmare for many as hair is regarded as one of the best elements of youth and beauty. To overcome the problem of hair loss, the market is flooded with several treatments, hair care products as well as home remedies. But before you look for ways to prevent hair loss, you need to be aware of the real facts related to hair loss.   Continue reading

Useful Tips to Enjoy Beautiful Hair This Winter

Irrespective of cold and shivering winter days, you can surely enjoy soft and silky hair. It is true that taking care of hair during the summer months is easy, but due to the cold and lack of moisture in the atmosphere managing the hair during the winter days can be difficult. But with some little changes in your regular hair care routine you can easily enjoy healthy hair during the winter days also. Continue reading