Five Food Habits That Can Make Hair Grow Healthy

It is a known fact that healthy and well balanced diet is important for hair growth. Diet also plays a key role in preventing hair loss. Also foods can help in making your hair healthy and shiny. But healthy diet does not mean that all healthy food can be good for your hair. There are some foods that are more beneficial for your hair and there are some which are not that effective. Continue reading

Now Treat Monsoon Hair Problems At Home!

The first shower of rain and people start worrying about the various hair problems. Due to the addition humidity in the air, hair becomes oily, flat, dull and lifeless. Also there are other hair problems too like itchiness, scalp infections and more than usual hair loss. Usually most of the problems are seasonal and hair will get back to its original form and texture once the season is over. But this does not mean that you cannot do anything to get rid of the hair problems. Continue reading