Heal Your Damaged Hair with Simple Home Remedies

Every one wishes to have healthy hair but for many it is simply like a dream. Many of us have damaged hair that looks dull, has plenty of split ends and falls out easily. There are various reasons behind damaged hair such as pollution, unhealthy diet plan, poor lifestyle, excessive use of chemicals on hair, use of styling appliances, hereditary, medicinal impacts and so on. No matter what is the reason behind your highly damaged hair, you can always turn it into perfect healthy hair. Continue reading

Turn Your Damaged Hair into Healthy Hair!

Damaged hair looks dry or brittle and can even have split ends. Also damaged hair often looks lifeless. As damaged hair can break off easily, it must be treated with care and affection. If you have damaged hair, there is nothing to worry about. With proper hair care routine and patience, it is possible to make your damaged hair turn into healthy again. Before you start looking for ways to treat your dry hair, it is important to find out the main cause behind your damaged hair. Continue reading

Hair Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has been very popular hair oil amongst people who care about their hair a lot. As, rosemary oil is one of the few hair oils that can stimulate hair growth it is widely used in hair care products such as shampoo, conditioners, serum and so on. Apart from stimulating hair growth, it also prevents baldness, stops hair from graying, reduces dandruff, nourishes the scalp and controls hair loss. Continue reading

Is Short Length Hair Perfect For Everyone?

When it comes to hair styling, you will find many women wondering ‘Whether they should opt for a short length hair’ or ‘which one to choose short or long hair?’ Well, as hair is your identity and it makes you look beautiful you need to choose your hair cut or hair style with proper consideration. If short length hair is in fashion it simply does not mean that you can also have it. Continue reading

Complete Information on Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata also known spot baldness is a kind of medical condition where loss happens in some or all areas of the body, especially the scalp. It is basically a kind of disease that hugely affects the hair follicles from which hair grows. People suffering from alopecia areata can have hair loss in small around patches on the scalp or any other part of the body. In proper precaution is not taken, this disease can even cause total loss of hair on the head. Continue reading

Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Most women notice excessive in their brush or shower and consider it normal. Well, a hair loss of 100 to 125 strands can be termed as normal. But if it is more than that you need to be serious about it as you might be suffering from severe hair loss problem. There are thousands of women who suffer from hair loss problem and do not take it seriously. So, if you think your hair is thinning, you need to get serious about it and must find out the reason behind it. Continue reading

Main Causes of Hair Loss in Men

It is quite common for middle aged men to have a receding hairline that often causes hair on top of the head to start thinning. Even though clean-shaven head is usually considered fashionable and attractive today but still many men prefer to have hair on their head. It is often hard for men to handle hair loss problem and it even affects their self confidence level. Well, the good part is that hair loss can be controlled if you are aware of the actual cause behind it.

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