Wash Your Hair The Right Way!

Washing your hair looks like a simple task, but the question is ‘whether you are doing it in a right manner?’ We all wash our hair to keep it clean, beautiful and shiny. But many of us are not even aware of the fact that they are washing their hair in a wrong manner. It is very important for your hair to wash it in the right way as it will help in keeping your scalp free of dandruff and other scalp infections. Also when washed correctly, your hair will look clean, beautiful and fabulous. Continue reading

Basic Rules to Identify Your Hair Type

You are well dressed up, your skin is glowing, your makeup is simply perfect but if your hair does not look healthy or good, you will never look beautiful. It is the way you style up your hair that completes your look. Every one of us takes proper care of our hair and spends a lot of money on hair care products. But the question is “whether you are doing it according to the requirements of your particular hair type?’.  Continue reading

Know About Cradle Cap in Details

Babies especially the young ones look adorable. Parents take special care of newborns but in spite of that most babies suffer from cradle cap. It is very upsetting to find beautiful babies having cradle cap, but there is nothing to worry about. This skin condition is temporary and will disappear by itself after a while. It is also not contagious in nature and it is possible to prevent the occurrence of cradle cap in babies. Continue reading

Easy Homemade Treatment for Dry Hair

Dry hair looks lifeless and is also very difficult to manage dry hair. Hair becomes dull and dry for a wide array of reasons but the good part is you can rescue and revitalize your dry hair with little changes in your hair care routine and lifestyle. There are many people who look for natural solutions to get rid of their dry hair as there are fewer side effects of such solutions. You can treat your dry hair with homemade treatments where some easily available kitchen products are used. Also homemade treatments for dry hair are not at all an expensive venture. Continue reading

Hair Facts, Statistics and Figures You Must Know!

Hair is an important part of our body and we all invest time and money to maintain it. However, hair has got very little useful purpose, yet, it is something we cannot imagine to live without. Hair gives a unique touch to our looks and beauty which helps us to stand apart from the crowd. Just have a look around yourself and you will be amazed to find the variations in everyone’s hair color, texture, length and styles. When it comes to hair, it is important to know about it in details: Continue reading

Dry Hair Care Tips That You Must Know

Dry hair is a common hair problem faced by both men and women. As this type of hair looks brittle, coarse, dull and lifeless, it becomes really tough for people having dry hair to take care of it. The main reason behind dry hair is lack of moisture and oil. Without moisture, hair will automatically lack in shine and beauty. It is true that taking care of dry hair is difficult, but with little changes here and there in your hair care routine can solve the problem to a great extent. Continue reading

Importance of Moisture in Hair Growth

If your hair lacks shine and you are frustrated with its frizzy nature, there can be lack of moisture in your hair. Also lack of moisture can be the reason behind split ends, slow hair growth, and excessive hair breakage. Well, there is nothing to worry about as moisture imbalance in hair can be easily fixed. Right balance of protein and moisture can make a lot of difference in the way your hair looks and the rate of your hair growth. Continue reading