Info on Head Lice and How to Control It

Head lice are common worldwide but they are not dangerous. They are contagious in nature but they never spread diseases. However, whenever there is an issue of lice faced by you or someone from your family, it is important to take necessary steps to control it. Lice on the head can be very annoying as it gives the feeling of something moving around your hair. On top of that lice bites cause itchiness and inflammation on the scalp. Also the issue of lice cannot be ignored at any cost as can even cause skin irritation and even infection. This will slow down your hair growth too. Continue reading

Some Easy to Follow Hair Care Tips

The desire to have beautiful hair is not a new one. In any corner of the world you can find hair care products and beauty salons that promise to provide beautiful hair. But in reality, these products and salon treatments will not be good for your hair until and unless you take proper care of them. In fact, proper care is the key to beautiful and lovely hair. If you take proper care of your hair nothing can go wrong and you can enjoy shiny, lustrous, and naturally beautiful hair. Continue reading

Jojoba Hair Oil And Its Benefits

Jojoba oil, a kind of liquid wax is derived from the seeds of jojoba plant. Jojoba is also known as Simmondsia chinensis. This herbal plant is usually found in certain parts of Arizona, Mexico and California. In its purest organic form, the color of jojoba oil is golden. However, when refined jojoba oil is almost clear, colorless and odorless liquid. Jojoba oil has many healthy benefits including its ability to stimulate hair growth. Continue reading

List of Best Natural Herbs for Hair

Hair care products made with chemicals and harmful ingredients have various side effects. Instead of using chemically enriched products, you should try natural products. There are hundreds of herbs and other natural products found in nature that can be used in hair to keep them healthy, stronger, longer, beautiful and shiny. Also while using natural herbs; you do not have to worry about side effects. 

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Sesame Oil and Hair Care Benefits

No matter whether you have short, long, black, or curly hair, what everyone wants is a good hair growth. For better hair growth rate, you need to ensure that your scalp is clean and it gets all the essential nutrients required for the hair to stay healthy. Right from the environment where you reside, your food habit, your lifestyle, your hair care routine, how much rest your body gets to what hair products you use on your hair will play a key role in deciding the healthy and growth of your hair.  Continue reading