Does Coconut Oil Help Your Hair Grow Faster?

Everybody wants to have beautiful and shiny hair, and one of the oldest treatments to obtain beautiful hair is coconut oil. For generations, people are using coconut oil due to its effectiveness to enrich every hair strands from outside to inside. In fact, one of the best known home remedy tips for hair growth is also coconut oil. The unique chemical structure of coconut oil has the power to clean, nourish, protect and beautify hair. This is why coconut oil is used by both men and women for growing healthy hair. Continue reading

How Does Aloe Vera Help Hair Growth?

Hair issues, such as hair loss, thinning, excessive dryness, itchiness around the scalp, dandruff, and so can make any one frustrated. To get rid of these hair problems people prefer to use all sorts of home remedies. Like many other home remedies for hair growth, Aloe Vera is also quite popular. In fact, it has been popularly used by many cultures as one of the top home remedies for hair growth and other hair related issues.

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Does Vitamin D Help Hair Growth?

Vitamins play an integral part of maintaining healthy hair. Deficiency of vitamins can give rise to various hair related problems. However, different hair related problems can be prevented by taking the right dose of various vitamins required for healthy hair growth.  Vitamins such as A, E, B, C, H and D are important as human body needs them to maintain healthy hair. Today, we will discuss on Vitamin D in details and how it can benefit hair growth.  Continue reading

How Does Exercise Help Hair Growth

Like any part of the body, hair also needs proper care and nutrition to remain healthy. Exercise is a good way to keep your body and hair healthy. Regular exercise has a direct link to healthy hair. Also it has been found that lack of physical activity often leads to brittle or lifeless hair. So, to remain fit and healthy, regular exercise is must and once your body is fit your hair will automatically enjoy faster and healthy hair growth.. Continue reading

How To Stop Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Giving birth to a child is a wonderful and life-changing experience for every woman. For new moms there will be plenty of changes in the body that they must be aware of. One of the most common post pregnancy problems that most women face is hair loss. After giving birth, new moms will be surprised to find excessive hair loss problem than usual. Hair loss after pregnancy is a normal thing to happen and there is nothing to panic about it as everything will be back to normal after few months.   Continue reading

Everything Related to Shampoo to Make Hair Grow

Dealing with hair loss can make anyone upset, be it a male or a female. For most people, the best and easy solution is to use a shampoo for hair growth. There is a wide array of ‘shampoos’ available on the market. It is wrong to just pick up a shampoo and apply it on your hair. As there can be harmful chemicals in a shampoo it can even have negative impacts on your hair such as more hair loss. Hence, it is essential to know about your shampoo properly before using it to wash your hair.  Continue reading